ASKELL is a manufacturer of innovative magnetic marker boards which are made of tempered glass in various colors and sizes. The board is a structure with an internal metal base and an external working surface made of tempered glass, which allows you to write on it with markers and use magnets. Marker boards are manufactured on their own production base. Our website presents different series of glass boards, which differ in design features and scope of application.
Ceraglass material is manufactured using Italian technology, which is constantly being improved due to its own developments and production tests in Russia. It is a material that combines the best properties of ceramics and glass, so it is very durable, wear-resistant and aesthetic. This material is absolutely safe thanks to natural raw materials and eco-friendly technologies.

It can be used in completely different ways: in the production of furniture and interior elements, in interior decoration and construction.

For 17 years we have been producing safety glass products, including interior items or architectural solutions. During this time, we have become a vertically integrated company and independently perform all glass processing operations - from cutting, polishing and hardening to application of decorative coatings.

We have custody of a wide range of possibilities for decorating products: UV printing, plain painting. The quality requirements for the final products are significantly higher than the state standard. The strong quality inspection is conducted at every stage of production, which guarantees a very low percentage of defects.

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