Askell is a manufacturer of innovative magnetic marker boards which are made of tempered glass in multiple colors and sizes. The board is a structure with a metal core and an external working surface that is made of tempered glass. It allows you to write on it with markers and use magnets. Magnetic marker boards are made by locally manufactures. Our website presents different series of glass boards, which differ in design features and sphere of application.
Askell is profitable
  • You save money and time on finding and buying a replacement. Imagine that you can buy an Askell board and forget about replacement of the affected magnetic marker board.
  • Askell magnetic marker boards help keep your well-being. Pamper your eyes with the absence of digital devices, protect your lungs from chalk dust.
  • We solve the problem of functionality and aesthetics. Choose color for your magnetic marker board, which is suitable for your interior. Without an aluminum frame.

Choose color for your ASKELL board

New trending colors 2023/2024: gray-beige, pink antique, light pink, pastel purple, emerald, dove blue.

***A logo, background image or elements of corporate identity can also be applied under the glass.
We are on 3DDD
3D models of our products, you can download on the website for free. Our database of models are available upon email request -
Where can you use the board?
At home, you can leave messages to each other or write down important information, attach photos to magnets;
In a bar, restaurant, cafe, it is convenient to record daily promotions and new menus on a glass board;
In the meeting room, such a panel will help to visually back up your arguments with graphs, diagrams, figures;
In the fitness center, a glass information board will inform about current promotions;
At school, college, university, a glass board will help to organize the educational process.
  • ASKELL servers individual orders

    One such example is a geotag for the architectural bureau "Archistra". We created the project, executed it, and became participants of the Next Products 2022 exhibition.

    Askell GEO is made of branded tempered glass for magnetic marker boards, on which you can write down thoughts, conclusions, plans for the future, mark the date of the meeting, fix notes and photos on magnets. In addition, the geo-tag can be used as a lamp that will give comfort and serve as an additional light source.
The main advantages of Askell boards
  • Strength
    Tempered high-strength glass that is difficult to scratch or break. It is 5 times stronger than usual.
  • The installation
    The installation time of the board is 15 minutes. You can install small boards yourself. The installation process is described in the instructions that goes along the board.
  • Choice
    They are presented in different colors, shapes and sizes, ranging from the smallest for notes, ending with a full wall.
  • Branding
    We can lay out the corporate identity of the company, including the logo, on the magnetic marker board, and this is not just a magnetic marker board, but a whole part of the corporate style of the company.
  • Care
    Easy care with a special sponge or a damp cloth.
  • Fixing
    They do not have visible fixing elements on the front side.
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