Askell I Quadro

A model that combines 2 Krystal and Round magnetic marker boards is complemented by a frame.This non-traditional, stylish solution allows you to bring a design touch to the interior of the room and it will hit fancy not only adults, but also children. And rich colors will bring joy to the owner for many years.

The board is presented in sizes: 600x600/d045, 900x900/d075, 1200x1200/d105.

We have made sure that you do not have to buy additional accessories.

Included: neodymium magnets, marker, assembly instructions, fasteners.
*The color of the presented product may differ slightly from the original product, depending on the resolution and settings of your monitor and the lighting conditions when shooting.

The service life with proper operation is unlimited.
The marker is removed without a trace of using a sponge or a damp cloth.
Only safe high-strength tempered glass is used.