Askell Lux in a squared shape

It is the most popular model among our customers. With the Askell Lux magnetic marker board, you won't want to let the marker out of your hands. And if you hang it in the children's room, your wallpaper will be saved from drawings. There is a wide range of sizes, ranging from 450 x 450 mm and ending with 1200x2400 mm. There is a variety of colors that gives zest to every interior
The hidden fixing system that gives a neat appearance.
Included: marker, 2 magnets and fixing system. And for boards, starting from the size of 600x800, a sponge-eraser, 3 magnets and a board duster are added to the package.

*The color of the presented product may differ slightly from the original product, depending on the resolution and settings of your monitor and the lighting conditions when shooting.

The service life with proper operation is unlimited.
The marker is removed without a trace of using a sponge or a damp cloth.
Only safe high-strength tempered glass is used.