Askell Video

The video board is an ideal option for teachers and coaches, business coaches and speakers, bloggers, experts in the field of activity, specialists producing videos, content-promotional videos, online broadcasts and webinars, and more.

The video board Askell helps:
●      Record online courses, video tutorials, presentations. It will create a stunning visual effect in contact with the speaker and his audience;
●      Record commercials in a business style. The illuminated board provides a bright selection of information. The text becomes "airy";
●      Conduct corporate training within the company. Employees will better perceive information and remember;
●      Record videos for youtube channels. Visual content is popular on video hosting sites, so the board will be the best purchase.

The size of the work surface:
1000 x 2000 mm (floor version),
1000 x 1200 mm (desktop / floor).

6 Fluorescent markers are included with the board.

This is information for those, who are not yet familiar with the principle of operation:
1. The speaker draws with a marker on the glass.
2. The marker is illuminated due to the face LED RGB backlight.
3. Additionally, the speaker backlight is used.
4. The video camera records the video.
5. The video is mirrored and, if necessary, supplemented with presentation elements.

*The board is easily cleaned with ordinary wipes and microfiber.