Askell Mobile 2020 Sim

Double-sided magnetic marker board is made of tempered glass with a slanted corner, similar to a large SIM card. The design of the board is placed on rollers, which makes it easy to move it inside the space. It is used in offices, training centers, showrooms for presentations. You can write with markers, attach the necessary information to magnets or stick stickers.

included: markers, 5 magnets, board duster, instructions, fasteners for installation.

Special aspects of Askell Mobile Sim:
  • tempered glass makes the structure impact-resistant and durable;
  • The ability to design the sides of the mobile board, in different colors according to the RAL catalog;
  • The possibility of applying a logo or background picture under glass;
  • The ends are made of wood, can be made to match the color of the board;
  • Only neodymium magnets that are included are suitable. Other magnets will not hold securely.
  • You can erase the inscriptions with a dry and wet sponge;
  • Installation time - 15 minutes;
  • Packed in cardboard with a wooden frame.