Askell Mobile 2020 Standart

Askell Mobile is a double-sided magnetic marker board which is made of tempered glass with a rotating surface. The design of the board is placed on rollers, which makes it easy to move it inside the space.

The improved model is Askell Mobile 2020
Distinctive characteristics:
  • Thanks to the new improved design and the use of modern materials, the weight of the board is 10 kg less, and the thickness of the working surface and base is 5 mm less.
  • The glass on the base is now solid, there are no gaps. In the new model there is no visible metal frame, the ends of the board are made of wood, you can choose the color of the ends taking into account the selected color of the board.
  • The design of the boards has been completely updated. In addition to the rectangular one, there is now a variant with rounded corners of the work surface and base (Askell Mobile Premium), as well as two models with a design from the famous Moscow architectural bureau Panacom architects - Askell Mobile Arka and Askell Mobile SIM.
  • One or two wireless charging zones can be placed (optionally) in the base of the boards. This will allow you to quickly charge your smartphone without leaving the board.
  • On each model you can put a logo or image under the glass, choose color.